J G Train and Company was established in 1934 by John Gilkison Train to import textiles from the UK into South Africa and export preserved fruits from South Africa to the UK. He operated out of Market Street in Johannesburg and developed many successful product lines and agencies one of them being Rigby and Nelson which exported what is known as the Shwe shwe today. Da Gama purchased the rights for all of the designs and now produces the only genuine shwe shwe manufactured with the same technique and quality apparently since the early 1600’s.

Blyth Train joined the business in 1959 and had a successful career until 2005 when he retired to the Cape. He also developed many different agencies and was very successful with Toga Linings for well over 30 years.

Julia Train ( Reeder) joined in 1987. Blyth and Julia developed the warehousing and distribution aspect of the business seeing a need for the smaller manufacturers and entrepreneurs having access to good quality basic fabrics available on an ex stock basis.

Very good relationships with textile manufacturers in South Africa, China, Taiwan, Korea, India, Spain, USA, Zimbabwe, West Germany and Holland have been formed and maintained assisting J G Train & Company to continue supplying good quality textiles at competitive prices to The Southern African Clothing and Outdoor lifestyle market.