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Complete an order using these simple steps...

1. Place your order.
2. We e-mail you a quotation and our bank details.
3. You make payment by EFT.
4. You send your proof of payment to us by e-mail and once the funds are received into our account we release goods for collection or delivery where applicable.

If you qualify for an account ( all of our accounts are insured by Credit Guarentee we do not make any exceptions, if we can’t get cover and you still want to purchase on account you need to contact Credit Guarentee to find out what you have to do in order for us to get cover)

To qualify for cover you need to have a business that has been in operation for more than a year. A bank account in the businesses name. No unpaid debts against your name or the businesses name. The amount you want to buy on credit has to be an amount that your monthly trade justifies.

Our account terms are 30 days from date of statement ,that means you have to pay your account before the end of the following month of your purchase. If you do not pay your account your details are handed over to Credit Guarantee for collection