JG Train & Co. | Vision



We have observed that South Africans are very creative with a very confident individual sense of style. We believe clothing manufacturing is a viable industry that can provide employment to hundreds of thousands of people.

Sewing can be learnt without having to have sophisticated expensive training programs, it is a skill that has many different levels of application.

We envisage being able to supply a variety of good quality textiles in basic compositions, constructions and colours to factories and small enterprises. We have invested in Vlisco and 3 cats shwe shwe as they are genuine African print fabrics that have been valued by many African cultures for over a hundred years.

We want to supply fabrics that inspire, are relevant and honour the traditions of the people we are serving. We continue to stock a very broad and basic range of good quality textiles to supply an entrepreneurial generation with the textiles they need to create the products they will produce and offer the marketplace.